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    Rikke Blix Hagemann


    With more than ten years of experience in software technology and seven years in management, Rikke Blix Hagemann is today the CEO of Hoosh Technology SA, an online marketing intelligence provider. Being very enthusiastic about her work, Rikke enjoys sharing her knowledge about Social Media and Search Marketing. She has spoken at different conferences before and given guest lectures at Franklin College and the University of Lugano, Switzerland.
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    Douglas Katumba


    Douglas Katumba was born in 1962 in one of the rural districts of Uganda and the challenges of the time quickly shaped him into a robust person whose survival instinct propelled him to attend some of the best schools and University in his native country before he crossed to the US for afew more years of study and eventually returning to Uganda to join civil service work in the government. He is the proprietor of Alpha Rent A car in Uganda. A self accomplished business person , he holds a wealth of diverse experience in taxation Management where he served for over 14years in the Uganda Revenue Authority before he retired into private practice. He is an MBA graduate who in 2001 recognised there was a gap in the tour & travel industry ( adventure travel or self-drive car travel ) and quickly shifted from importing & selling used cars from Japan into the local market, to actually renting them out to the increasing tourist portfolio that has grown after years of stability under the current political dispensation. He grew the company from a handful of vehicles to the current number boasting of diversity and he is determined to continuing this path of growth with the aim of becoming the biggest self-drive company in the country.

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